A bit about myself

I'll try and keep this short! I am 21 years old and I live in a town called Eastbourne. I absolutely love designing and creating things, whether it is Website Development or Video Editing, I can't get enough of it. I want to work as a Front End Developer or a Video Editor as I feel my skills will be most suitable for these positions. To see my skills check out the next section!

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My Skills

Website Design and Development - I am a creative Website Designer and I'm brilliant at using Adobe Photoshop to produce these designs. I'm great at sitemapping, wireframing and producing an effective Information Architecture for a website. I am also a HTML, CSS Master and a PHP & Javascript novice.

Video Editing - I absolutely love video editing using Adobe After Effects. I successfully achieved 86% in my Post Production module at University for my ‘Dead Route’ Movie Trailer, check it out on my portfolio

John Doe

Responsive Layouts

I have become brilliant at putting together responsive designs, allowing websites to be viewed easily from a selection of devices. From a mobile screens to a large screen width of 1800px on wards, I can develop any design into a responsive master piece to make your website look fantastic on every screen and browser there is. To see an example please click here.

John Doe

Clean & Validated Code

To ensure that a website has correctly used code without any errors, I use the W3C HTML & CSS Validator website which is a trusted online service that checks through any HTML or CSS files that needs to be checked. By using this service, it avoids any potential errors that could easily disrupt the websites functionality or design.

John Doe


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is probably one of the most important parts of building a website as this is where you need to know how structure content on the website efficiently and correctly in order to make that website compatible with Search Engines, like Google. I have a lot of experience in getting websites to the top of search results.

Web Design

You can probably already tell, I love working with websites. I have designed and developed a number of different websites for many clients over the last few years, check out my collection of websites and click onto any of them to see the live working site.


This website was for my final year project at University, which was my dissertation. I decided to create a website using WordPress so then I could create a blog type of website, but I also wanted to demonstrate my technical ability by developing a basic theme into something a lot more complex. This basic theme contained contained hardly any design or features, only the feature of posting blogs with a featured image included. I had to strip down this theme and then implement my design, to eventually create HTML-Library.

This website also features Facebook Connect, which lets Facebook users login and comment on the blog posts shown. The site is also responsive for any device, you can clearly see and use everything. The way it's displayed is similar to how a mobile application is shown, which demonstrates my ability in creating websites for mobile devices.

HTML Library


This site was for a client who wanted to expand their minibus hiring business to East London. They required a website which would rank on the first page of Google for relative search queries that people search for. As I studied Digital Marketing in University and created my own SEO Audit, this gave me the experience and knowledge needed to create a website which would be optimised for search engines.

To ensure it was optimised correctly I used the website SEO Site Check up, which identifies all of the focus areas the website needs to be improved on. This allowed me to create a core keyword focus across the website, allowing the website to rank high for relative keywords. Check out search queries like - east london minibus hire - on Google and you will see this website on the first page.

East London Minibuses

Graphic Design

I also have a strong interest in designing using Photoshop. Below shows the best of my logos designed over my time in this industry. Check out my collection that I have designed for myself and clients.

Video Editing

From studying Digital Media Development in University, I found that I had a big potential in Video Editing as I achieved 86% in the below edit. I have only edited 2 videos in my time, the below being my second, but I feel with more experience in this area I can eventually produce more professional films.

Get in touch - charlie.beedell1@live.com

If you would like to contact me for any reason, whether you need some advice for a website or would like me to create something for you, get in touch! I'm always checking my emails so you should receive a reply within an hour of sending your message.